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Dedicated to Sharing Her Passion For Sales With Everyone!

With an unyielding desire to transform the world of sales, Michelle has made it her personal mission to teach others the art of loving sales. Why? Because Michelle believes that sales isn't just about transactions; it's about fostering genuine connections, understanding the power of personalities, and making a positive impact. Backed by two decades of corporate sales excellence, Michelle's journey has been guided by authenticity and empathy. Her role as a Relationship expert, Personality Science Trainer, and Real Estate Investor has shaped her belief that the sales process can be both fruitful and enjoyable when approached with the heart in mind.

Loving sales has been the cornerstone of Michelle's success in both business and life. Through her charismatic and empathetic approach, she has consistently earned a remarkable five-figure weekly income. But her success goes beyond numbers. Michelle's unique ability to turn passions into profits has not only ignited businesses but also brought about personal fulfillment. Her involvement with Nomad Alliance, where she sits on the board, reflects her commitment to using sales as a tool to uplift and empower the less fortunate. Michelle's passion for ending homelessness through self-love and skill-building showcases how loving sales can contribute to positive change on a larger scale. With a master's degree in psychology and business mastery from prestigious institutions, Michelle's expertise is paired with a genuine heart – a combination that continues to drive her and those she touches towards success and fulfillment.

As a single mother.. It was always important to show my kids tenacity & what it looked like to fight for the life of your dreams..

Sales is the vehicle that allows me the time, money & freedom to be a hands-on mother & not miss any vacations, volunteer moment or events with my kids.

As a heart centered Empath, I want help my fellow clients learn how to attain all their financial goals by working smarter not harder. Thinking outside of the Box of regret & excuses… being their best selves by knowing who they are!

15 years later, I’ve given millions of dollars to bottom lines, saved marriages, and live with a purpose driven lifestyle..


I am able to leave a little SalesDiva magic everywhere I go! One SALE at a time!


Corporate Sales Expert & Consultant

  • 20 years of results-driven experience

  • Real Estate Investor with a knack for revenue

  • Relationship expert & Personality Science Trainer

  • 💵 Consistent five-figure weekly earner 💵

  • ✨ Sales & Heart Centered Diva ✨

  • Making Selling Fun with authenticity ❤️

  • 100% Authentic in approach

My Business
Out of the Box
Diva Enterprises

  • Revenue generation from overlooked opportunities

  • Transforming passions into profitable ventures

  • Corporate Sales & Personality Science Trainer

  • Elevating closing ratio by 300%

  • CEO & Sales Professional partner for precise targeting

  • Calendar-driven process turns excuses into actions

  • Sales made Easy & Fun based on personality

Noteworthy Achievements

  • Closed hundreds of thousands in business for clients

  • Proficient five-figure weekly income earner

  • Profit sharing for non-sales clients

  • Facilitator of strategic partnerships

  • B2B Corporate Sales authority

  • Director at BNI, launched 19 networking groups

  • Averaged 5 home closures per week for high-ticket clients

Expertise & Education

  • Top 5% closer for 22 years at Fortune 500 companies

  • 12+ years as hands-on Consultant & Sales Trainer

  • Advanced degree in psychology & social behavior (UCI)

  • Business mastery (USC)

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